Evolt Scan + Macros

Download The Spartan app to earn points towards a FREE EVOLT Scan!

Every dollar you spend at Spartan = 1 point!

50 points = 1 FREE scan!

Click here to download app!

You do not have to schedule your scan if you wish to redeem points. Please visit Spartan Smoothies during business hours to redeem points and complete your FREE scan. Just be sure to not eat, drink or exercise 3 hours prior to scanning. Sipping some water should be ok though!

You've been putting in work but that darn bathroom scale
isn't changing?

How cool would it be to know the exact macros (calories, protein, carbs, fat) that you need for your body type and goals?

The scan will also recommend specific supplements for your goals and body type!

The EVOLT body scan is a great way to see if you are going in the right direction despite what the bathroom scale is showing!

This scale tracks how much muscle and body fat you have in each area of your body. This machine will also indicate if you are consuming enough protein by measuring the
nitrogen in your cells! How cool?!

You get tons of useful data on easy to read results sheet that you get to keep!

The $35 scan does not include any type of sit down consultation.

All results are explained in detail on the back of paper print out and also through the EVOLT app!

Need more in depth guidance? Be sure to upgrade to the discovery consultation package at checkout! We will spend time with you reviewing your results sheet and exploring the best options to move forward with on reaching your goals efficiently!

Not sure how this scan works?

Click link below to watch video and learn more about the EVOLT Scan

Click here for video!

After payment is complete you will be directed to another screen to book day and time for your scan.

Scan does require you to be fasted, so keep that in mind when booking your time slot! No food, exercise or drinks

3-4 hours prior to scan.

(You may sip a little water leading up to scan but don’t get crazy with it!)

Please wear lightweight clothing.

All scans take place at Spartan Smoothies Rome GA in the morning hours from 6:00am-11:00am. We also test on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-11am. If none of these times work for you, please message us and we will do our best to work around your schedule.

Evolt Scan + Macros
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Discovery Consultation

Get More Time With Our Team Upgrade and we will spend time reviewing and explaining your results print out! We will also give best options for you to move forward with reaching goals more efficiently! This upgrade includes a 10% off supplement coupon!

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